See what everyone is saying…

“As you realize, IBC is part of a producer’s group that very rarely makes use of the services of insurance entities outside of that group. We believe for the most part that the members of our producers group include all of the types and variations of products to satisfy our client base.

On occasion, IBC has made use of The Selario Agency because you could provide a good and unusual product or an answer to a specific need that would satisfy a client of ours. On those occasions where we have used your services, I would term your response “world class.” I also am remiss in not mentioning to Sam that when I think of Selario, I immediately think of Howard Stern.

You are well aware that in today’s business world, everyone wants an answer yesterday. We are always in a rush, so service in the form of accurate, quick answers and quotes is paramount. You folks have always provided that speed and accuracy together with knowledgeable, helpful information that allows us to respond to our clients needs.

Although we strive to be self-sufficient, occasionally we need an unusual product; and when those situations arise, we will be sure to give you a call.”

– John Irvin

“As you may remember, I had been an in-house Transamerica agent for 15 years. When Transamerica decided to make a change that resulted in me forming my own agency, I selected you and your agency to offer me products for my existing and new client base.

It’s been 6 years since I formed my new agency and I have been very pleased with the service your office has provided during that time. Our business relationship was formed out of necessity, but the pertinent points that helped me make the decision to use your services remain first and foremost in my memory. I viewed you as fair, upfront, accessible and easy to talk with.

You also had the proper mindset to identify that we needed quick and accurate answers to our prospect’s and client’s insurance requests.

In addition to the knowledge and service you bring to the table, you also have displayed a high level of stability and continuity within your agency, a rare commodity in our business these days. I’m pleased to say that during my relationship with The Selario Agency, the goodwill you originally projected has withstood the test of time.”

– Joseph Kisleiko

“As you are aware, you and Howard really helped my client and me recently.

My client of 17 years was a senior executive with a major steel firm in the city and wished to significantly increase his life insurance coverage. Obviously the earnings of this client were substantial enough to cover the increased premiums; however, my client had other cash drains that made it difficult if not impossible to obtain the desired coverage. That was until you and Howard became involved. Your knowledge and expertise were not only helpful, but my client now views me as his “expert” in all of his insurance needs. In fact, he has recommended me to several other prospects based upon my performance in securing this increased insurance.

Both you and Howard’s suggestions coupled with the specific product provided a solution that was not readily apparent to me. Your knowledge of the product and how it interfaced with my client’s needs made me realize how valuable The Selario Agency has been and will continue to be in my business.

Although we did not need to call on others outside your firm, I do realize and remember from previous experiences the relationships you have with the best minds in the business world. Whether they be accountants, attorneys, financial advisors or investment specialists every one that you’ve introduced me to, has been terrific.

That also holds true with the carriers that you represent. I know that you have long-standing relationships with these carriers and you work with these carriers in ways that are very beneficial to we agents in those difficult cases that we experience every so often.

Too often we take things for granted, but I wanted you and Howard to know how pleased I was with this particular case. I’ve been working with you for the past 22 years, and I don’t take you for granted. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to express those sentiments.”

– Norman Faet III

“As I told Shirley, I like working with your company, you are always ready to help. Shirley worked so hard getting the policy for ***** approved; she really went above and beyond what I had expected. “

– Pauline DeMarall | Integrated Financial Services

“Timely Service. Normally less than 24 hours.”

– V. Caldwell Testimonial